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BDsensor is a high resolution inductive Bed Distance Sensor for 3d printer auto bed leveling and real time adjustment.


it can measure the distance from bed to nozzle with distance resolution 0.01mm.


before now, there is no distance sensor available for 3D printers due to the high price, and nothing with this high resolution. All the current bed level sensors used now on 3D printers are only proximity e.g. the BLTouch, pinta, ezabl, etc..


The Future of Bed Leveling

Faster leveling, realtime compensation, high accuracy.



1. with this sensor the printer can adjust the z axis in real time at every location, not just at probe points.

2. No need to do probe points before every print or when hot or cold, it will be automatically compensated for based on actual distance in real time.
3. You can do mesh bed leveling like a normal proximity sensor but much faster with this sensor, because there's no z axis down and up at every probe point.

Specs :
Distance resolution: 0.01mm;
Operating Range: 4mm(for different metal the range should be different, the normal pei steel plate is 4mm, but aluminum is about 2mm)
Repeatability: +/- 0.005mm;
Communication port: I2C
Support bed plate: metal plate
Connection| only 4 wires: GND,5V,I2C_Data,I2C_Clk

Wire length:1.3 meter
Support main board: any board that has 2 free gpio( the pin that can be worked as input and output) connector

Sensor type: inductive, can only measure the metal plate.

we need to calibrate this sensor before first use or the bed plate has been changed to different materials,Because different metal plates are made of different materials, they may have different electromagnetic properties. normally this process will take about one minute.

Calibrate steps:
1)Move the Nozzle down until it just touches the bed plate(0mm distance).
2)Power on the printer, Send gcode `M102 S-6`, then it will move the z axis slowly up 7mm to calibrate itself until it stops.
3) Calibration complete!

We can easily enable or disable this auto level by sending a gcode command or by adding one gcode in the gcode file via the slicer.
To enable bed leveling in slicer, add the M102 G-Code right below the G28 (Home All Axes) G-code in the Start G-code section.

Project status:


note: there maybe a customs fee for some EU countries and that tax is not included in this price(Except Germany).


Bed Distance Sensor

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