• 64-bit 3D printer controller. Run Marlin & Octoprint on Raspberry Pi directly.
  • Octoprint + marlin.
  • No arduino, no platformIO,online compile.


  • Support mixed use of 3V-24V fans
  • optocoupler for bed proximity sensor
  • Low temperature mosfet at high current heating.
  • autorecovery fuses and isolation components for over-current and reverse polarity protection for board,drivers,raspberry pi.
  • no wiring for TMC driver sensorless homing and uart mode.


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from V2.0 to V2.5 changed:

  1. put pi on the top;
  2. add connectors for RGB light,DTH11(Temperature and humidity),serial LCD;
  3. controllable and adjust voltage (5V~20V) for 4 group of fans;
  4. add 5v pin to endstop;


package list:

  1.   1 PandaPi board (Raspberry Pi is not included)
  2.   Inner packaging clinker box
  3.   2 lcd cable
  4.   isolation columns and screws
  5.   1 cute Panda toy
  6.   Drive module optional A4988, TMC2208, TMC2209(MKS)


PandaPi 2.5


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