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This Heat Bed is Segmented heatbed with 9 individually controlled segments.

What makes it special?

1. Energy saving:

Each bed segment can be discretely controlled with its own heater circuit, you no longer have to heat up the entire bed for smaller prints.

2. Heating evenly:

there are 3*3 separate zones each one have a thermistor that not only heating separately but also more even in heating than the normal print bed that have only one thermistor.


Bed Size:235*268*2mm
Print Size:220*220mm
Compatible with Creality ender3 serials.
Material: PCB FR4
Power input:24V
Power connector:XT60
Signal connector:I2C


communication protocol: Gcode,Sending heating Gcode M140 or M190,and then with G1 or G0 sending X and Y positon
for example: 
M190 S60
G1 X100 Y10
it will heating the second Zone where the position (100,10) is.

Main board request
any board which has 2 free GPIO and run Marlin firmware. configure the 2 GPIO as software I2C port to communicate with Panda BED with Gcode.


Marlin firmware:

the code for marlin firmware have been tested with boards which MCU are ESP32 and STM32, We will pull up to Marlin team later. 

now the working firmware is here:




Segmented Heat Bed

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