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PandaCAN is an extruder control board that connect to main board with CAN interface, more resistant to noise,reduce a lot of wires for your 3D printer.


Why CAN bus?


CAN(Controller Area Network) is a robust serial communication bus found mostly in automotive and industrial environments.

  • Resistant to noise, you will have less signal noise and wiring problem.

  • Reduce the wires from more than 19 to only 4.

    19 = hotend cooling Fan: 2 + model cooling Fan: 2 + heater: 2 + temperature sensor: 2 + BLtouch: 5 + Extruder motor: 4+Runout sensor:2

  • High data rate 1Mbps.




  1. MCU: ESP32, STM32 (PandaPiV2.9)
  2. Support Main board: The PandaPiv2.9 PandaZHU and PandaM4 support this PandaCAN extruder board now.It works well with BLTOUCH,hotend Heat,runout sensor,FANs, except the extruder motor which have sync problem between stm32 and CAN module but no problem with ESP32 based main board.  
  3. CAN Transceiver: SN65HVD230
  4. Motor Driver: TMC2209
  5. Bed leveling:   BLtouch/ support wild range voltage 5V~36V of inductive sensor NPN.
  6. Board FAN :   5V FAN for cooling TMC2209
  7. Hotend FAN:  Cooling hotend,12/24V PWM  
  8. Prints FAN: Cooling prints,12/24V PWM  
  9. Runout :  Filament Runout connector
  10. Heater:  100A mosfet PSMN1R0-30YLC 
  11. Temperature sensor:  thermistors NTC100K (30degree~260degree)
  12. High temperature sensor: MAX31865, Support PT100 


Package List:


1 * PandaCAN board

1 * 1 meter lines(max 5A current) and  CAN transceiver module(optional)

1 *  board cooling FAN,5V,3010


Standard version: Not soldered the chip MAX31865(for PT100 sensor).

PT100 version: have soldered the chip MAX31865(for PT100 sensor).

Standard version with one CAN line: one standard version board + one external CAN line which has a CAN transceiver module for the main board that have no CAN transceiver on board. 

    PandaPi v2.9 has the CAN Tranceivers on board, and the tranceiver lines  are not used.You simply need four wires between the two boards; 12-24 VDC, Ground for Power, CANB High and Low.

   Note: For PandaPi v2.9,this PandaCAN module only work with pandapiv2.9 in standalone mode not work with marlin run in raspberryPi.

Shipping time: 

  • Express(DHL/FEDEX/TNT)--about 1 week,
  • Post -- about 2 weeks


TestVideo for STM32 PandaPi

Test Video for ESP32 based board 


 More Details 

PandaCAN Extruder

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