A device automatically turn off the power after printing completed.It's easy to mount and has no wires due to its wireless control.


Why make it?

      Given the heat a 3D printer can generate, even when idle, I would rather kill it than let it powered unattended- both for the planet, and to reduce the slightest risk of fire. ;)

Just add one gcode to the end of the gcode file.

G4 S120 ; Dwell for 120 second for cool the hotend

G1 X200 ; move X to the position(here is 200mm) that hits the switch

    The battery life is as long as a car fob. For it is only 6ma when triggered and then will power off itself automatically

Packing List:

  • 1x wireless power socket - Please select the appropriate region for your socket in the drop down above.

  • 1x Print Complete Auto-Close Module(Fully assembled) No Battery(CR2032) is included, No case is included, but you can download and print one yourself.

What makes it special

  • No drilling
  • No wire
  • No need to change firmware.
  • the battery life is as long as a car fob.
  • Both the "Print Complete Auto-Close Module" and the Smoke Detector can remotely control this socket at the same time.

shipping time:

  • DHL/FedEx/TNT--about 7days,
  • standard shipping-- about 10~30days

Print Complete Auto Close Module