Serial 800*480 capacitive touch screen,4.3inch. you can customize the UI yourself


  • Support OctoPrint
  • High Resolution : 800*480 pixel,24bit color
  • Touch screen:Capacitive 
  • Interface: TTL UART serial port 
  • Power supply: 4.5-5.5V
  • Power consumption: 180mA@5V
  • Working temperature: -20/+70°C
  • Size:4.3 inch 
  • UI:Easy to customize the UI yourself



      you can control the octo printing from this lcd, or control the lcd printing from octopi web page.this function only works with PandaPi print mode and software version after 2021.3.6.

Tutorial of working with octoprint



    1.Connect it to 3D control board for example PandaPi2.8 with the XH2.54 line.
    2.For previous Pandapi board that before 2020.9,We need to cut the RX line on the PCB which is already used by the chip of microUSB,so we can not use the microUSB and serial LCD at the same time.


1,The recommand board is PandaPi

 just uncomment of the DGUS_LCD_UI_PANDAPI in the configuration.h and compile/run.

'#define DGUSLCDUI_PANDAPI // for pandapi v2.5'

for other board:

'#define DGUSLCDUI_FYSETC // for other boards'

it compatible all the 3d printer which use marlin as it's firmware. (I only  tested it on marlin2.0 with 32bit control board )

2,you can drop in and replace the FSY TOUCH LCD which is resistive and low resolution 480*272.

UI source code and tools:

How to customize UI,those pictures of UI are based on the FYSETC LCD
Instead of resistive touch and low resolution 480*272, This LCD is capacitive touch and high resolution 800*480 screen

package list:

  • 1*screen
  • 1*line(XH2.54 4 pin)

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