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      3D printer is a fire hazard,for safety and unattended,We make this smoke controlled power's safe and reliable.


Why did you make it?

  • A 3D printer using filament deposition is a complex machine involving electricity, parts in movement, hot temperature elements, flamable parts and high energy content consumables. It does present significant risks. As for now, without safety standards and incitation to proper design, with low cost components and absence of real certification , consumers 3D printer are dangerous equipment and shall be handled as such.


What is it?

  • The 3Dsmoke will cut off power to your printer when the wireless smoke sensor senses smoke or fire. Includes wireless controllable power outlet and a tiny wireless smoke detector


What makes it special?

  • 3Dsmoke is designed to safely run and switch printers up to 2500W.
  • the 2 AAA battery can last one years;
  • Shutting down power may, in some cases, stop the fire ignition and prevent the accident.
  • overheating protection(65°C)



  • Putting the sensor in the top of a printer enclosure may produce the best results.


Packing List:

  1. 1x wireless power socket - Please select the appropriate region for your socket in the drop down above.
  2. 1x wireless smoke detector(tiny optica),No Battery(2 AAA) is included


How to pair wireless between power socket and smocke detector? (paired by default)

  • power on the power socket and smocke detector(2 AAA battery);
  • Press and hold the Power socket's button until the LED flashes;
  • click the button on the smock detector;
  • and then the LED on the Power socket will flash quickly,means it's paired successfully.



  • the video subtitle: After installing the battery, preheat for 15 minutes to start the test, a       cigarette, spit smoke on the alarm, be careful not to inhale the lungs and then spit out the smoke, this concentration is not up to.Spit directly on the alarm, or use a thin tube to spit on the air inlet better.


Shipping time: 

  • Express(DHL/FEDEX/TNT)--about 1 week,
  • Post -- about 2 weeks


User Manual



  • 3DSmoke may not be able to prevent a printer fire. it does provide an additional layer of security and may well prevent a disaster.Use at your own risk.

Tinedie Store:

    If you have payment problem, you can buy it from my Tindie Store:

Smoke alarm for 3D printer

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