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Reduce the extruder wires of your 3D printers

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

PandaCAN is an extruder control board that connect to main board with CAN interface, more resistant to noise,reduce a lot of wires for your 3D printer.

Why CAN bus ?

CAN(Controller Area Network) is a robust serial communication bus found mostly in automotive and industrial environments.

  1. Resistant to noise, you will have less signal noise and wiring problem.

  2. Reduce the wires from more than 19 to only 4. 19 = hotend cooling Fan: 2 + model cooling Fan: 2 + heater: 2 + temperature sensor: 2 + BLtouch: 5 + Extruder motor: 4+Runout sensor:2

  3. High data rate 1Mbps.

More details:

CAN extruder printing test video. motor sync test:

printing test:

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