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PandaM4 is designed to be a drop-in replacement upgrade board for the Ender 3 printers by Creality,use ESP32 as it MCU.

      Not only fast CPU speed,large memory than all the STM32bit boards,you can upload file, firmware over the air and more possible.



  • it has larger memory and more powerful than normal 32bit motherboard.Two 240MHz MCU,4MB memory
  • the speed of uploading gcode file is 10 times faster than it as a wifi module.
  • play music(mp3/wav) when printer boot or printing finished...

Easy to use:

  • upload marlin firmware through wifi with browser.
  • upload gcode file, configure printer and control printer wireless with browser.



  • Two 32-bit MCU ,240MHz,520 KBytes SRAM,4M Bytes Flash memory
  • WiFi |  802.11 b/g/n/d/e/i/k/r (802.11n up to 150 Mbps),Bluetooth | Bluetooth v4.2
  • 4*TMC2209,5 * motor connector
  • 2 * heaters
  • Support 2 thermistors (can only read temperature above 30°)
  • Support BLtouch .
  • 1 * Speaker connector
  • Support LCD128*64/PandaTouchScreen/DGUS touch screen
  • Play music at boot, Error/alarm music..
  • 1 * runout connector,1* RGB light connector,1*DTH11 connector. if you like you can also use those 3 connectors  to other use,like max endstops.
  • Control printer, upload files with web browser
  • support CAN extruder board

More details


Package List:

  1. 1*board
  2. 1*blower, 3010 fan
  3. 1*antenna,2.4G,15cm
  4. 3D touch(BLtouch clone,MKS) optional


Shipping time: 

  • Express(DHL/FEDEX/TNT)--about 1 week,
  • Post -- about 2 weeks


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